The Chapel’s description and typology

It can be affirmed that we find ourselves facing one of the most relevant chapels of the island of La Palma. It keeps a specific style of the typology in the building’s façade (gable, with balcony and bulrush). This temple has a rectangular nave with a major chapel or presbytery, separated by a transverse or triumphal arc, semicircular blocks, of red carved stone, tuff; it presents five side moulded columns, with popular art Tuscan capitals, baptistery by the gospel and the sacristy next to the epistle.  The building stands on two natural stone and clay stonework load-bearing walls, coated with lime mortar, with interesting sgraffito work that cover completely the exterior walls, giving it a singular and rare character. The main entrance, facing west, is framed with a semicircular stonework arch, with its protruding imposts decorated with mouldings and traditional carpentry.