Coffering and woodwork

The church’s roof is a remarkable element: the craft of the octagonal shaped major chapel, with its trapezoidal skirts richly ornamented with ribbons in reticular shape generating jumper struts in squares, pentagons and starry eight sided polygons. These eight sided polygons are decorated with alternated rosettes, four with carved radial leafs and a twisted central pendant and the rest of the rosettes like daisies of eight petals. The ‘calle de lima’ skirts are separated with carved and fretworked litterfall forming spirals, recalling atauriques. The octagonal central part contains a stunning central rosette with a great pendant twisted and carved to the shape of a pine cone, parting from its base in a radial and circular way eight acanthus long leaves. The rest of the space is covered with eight litterfall motifs carved with a central pendant. This group, together with its quadrants in the corners, decorated in the same way as the central area, conforms an exceptional woodwork filigree and it stands out in this type of armours in La Palma Island.

The main nave has, on its simple armour, three beams ornamented with Mudejar bows.

It also has to be pointed out the fact that the choir is situated at the feet of the hermitage. With folk traces that don`t leave the visitor indifferent: its two way access, its enclosure, also the layout and physiognomy of its straight feet, and the rough decoration, gives it a strong traditional popular character.