El Paso aumentado

Walk around El Paso discovering and learning about aspects of its culture and romantic history, its nature and unforgettable landscape. Just scan the markers that El Paso Aumentado has distributed throughout the municipality.

1) Download and install this application with Google Play Store for Android, or with App Store for IOS.

2) To use it all you have to do is activate it; when the image of the surroundings appears on your screen, focus the marker or target marked with the El Paso Aumentado logo.

3) Once the augmented reality version has been generated you can interact with it, listen to audios, view videos and photos and enjoy all that this item offers.

At the end of each experience you will have the feeling of having lived the history of this wonderful town in a much closer way.
This application is free for mobile phones. It is easy to use and with it you can also:
-Find restaurants, bars, shops and service places with Google Maps.
-Add your own options and photos, uploading them to your social networks.
-Organise excursions and design the trail that best suits you.